female throws hay over a fence to some llamas

Feeding Llamas

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Feeding Llamas on a bitter cold winter day on a farm just east of Bozeman.

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  • Looks like a lot of hard work taking care of Llamas. Great capture of this mid-air swing. Like the angle and view through the fence. Excellent composition.

  • i agree with john about the llama’s maintenance.. looks like it’s hard work..

    reminds me of the starburst commercial.. llamas sure look funny.. :D

  • @jelb haha. yeah it does. i should have named it hay flying through the air on a fork en route to llamas :p

  • Bonjour,
    A composition which forces the eye to cross the image to discover finally the lama..Well done capture..Bravo!

  • the fence is also a really beautiful compositional element in this image. and i’m struck by the similarities between the texture and color of the wood and hay the texture and colors of the llama coats.

    very similar to our winter colors too.

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