blond mannequin in a red dress in the window of a Nordstom

Nordstrom Mannequin

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The Nordstrom in downtown Seattle has a wealth of window space. It’s not the most creativly used window space I’ve ever seen, Nordstrom isn’t really that out there as far as a business I guess, but they have a wealth of very expensive, very life-like mannequins which are fun to shoot.

I like this one as well because of the woman walking behind the mannequin and the street life on the other side. Kind of fun.

I’ve also dropped my prices for purchasing a high-res file of most of the photos on the site, rather significantly for the expanded licenses.

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  • it does look pretty cool how the mannequin stands out in that background.. great shot.. :)

  • umm yes she’s working it for you. but then you also have this fantastic figure in movement with her take out coffee – took me a moment to see her – and she adds that extra to this.

  • This is a clever shot with real life as a reflection well done !

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