old ford mustang

66 Ford Mustang

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I was going through an old hard drive the other night and found some photos from high school and college. This is a photo I took in high school of a friend of mine that I hand-toned while learning Photoshop. Oddly I don’t remember taking this photo now, 7 years later. It’s shot in the driveway of another friend where we used to hangout. I think the car belonged to her boyfriend or his parents. It seems to me that this would have been the kind of car he had. It’s an odd sort of memory. A spring day. After school. I don’t know why I had a camera or was shooting photos. I think we might have gone climbing later.

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  • now this is cool! the backdrop for this scene looks great too.. nice shot

  • Oh wow, this is so phantastic lovely old-fashioned – particularely the colours. Very nice work!

  • forgot to say that i like you hand-toning choices – especially with leaving the land elements b/w. really gives me the sense of how we not exactly impose on the landscape but how we add our human color to it and how in so many ways the land is a backdrop to our life.

  • seriously cool! and very memory lane for me – we used to have a 66 mustang.

  • It looks so Retro! Very Cool..and the car. A dream :D

  • What ever filter or post work you did here is great I like it :)
    very much.

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