cyclist in yellowstone national park


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Every year Yellowstone National Park opens up only to cyclists and employees for a couple weeks. This was the last weekend to go. It was pretty nice. We turned around early because we didn’t really feel like riding in the rain. It sleeted on us for the last four or so miles. Nothing too bad.

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  • that’s a great way to take in the view.. i see you were able to get shooting too.. nice head shot.. :D

  • well. we stopped for lunch. the most interesting thing we saw was two bison trying to rub their horns. i’ve seen elk and deer do that too. these guys were doing it on these tiny trees though that looked like they were just about to snap. and when you cycle through 12 feet away from a bison on the other side of the road….nervous. you don’t really want to stop and take pics — just shit your pants and get out of there :)

  • great bison story!

    this looks like the face of someone who had to ride in sleet. nice portrait.

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