a pickup truck at an intersection in tappen north dakota

Tappen, North Dakota

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A couple years ago we drove out to Minnesota in a long stretch starting mid afternoon. It was just after sunset when we got to Tappen, ND and a full moon was coming up. It was so cool that we pulled off the interstate and took photos for about a half hour while being buzzed by drunken locals who kept driving past while we were hunkered over on the side of the road just outside of town.

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  • it’s a good thing those rascals didn’t bother you that much.. road trips and photography is a nice combination.. :) nice shot!

  • some of your images are so cinematic! some just make me think movies and other’s make me think of particular movies – this one brought to mind a Bill Murray movie where he’s looking for a someone who might be his son. not sure what it is about your image that had me flash on that – but this is such a wonderful image. haunting and heartbreaking in all the good senses of those words.

  • Interesting composition. The blur gives a cool sense of motion on that car.

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