MSU Students protesting to promote the Sawyer Brown concert on the sidewalk next to Main Street in Bozeman. A girl walks past

Sawyer Brown Protesters

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Another photograph I took of the MSU Graphic Design Department protesting to promote Swayer Brown.

I had though I was done with this particular composition, we wanted to get a shot looking down this part of Main Street because the trees form a sort of tunnel, when this girl in a bright yellow shirt popped up out of nowhere walking her dog.

This photo turned out pretty much exactly how I envisioned it; with the girl out of focus in the foreground and the protestors behind. I like this photograph too because the girl in the pink shirt really gets the focus. All the people around her are looking in at her and she falls right at the end of that green line of grass running through the sidewalk. Plus, I think she’s sitting right around the point of intersection of the bottom and left hand thirds.

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  • i agree with you on all points.. this composition is just right.. :) nice capture.. :)

  • with the woman in yellow out of focus it gives me the sense that she stands apart from a noisy protest. almost like she exists apart in a sweeter world.

  • the areas of blur/focus and the color combination (all around a yellow range) give to this image a
    very harmonious character – i like it :)

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