Red Toyota Yaris going through an intersection in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia on an overcast winter day.

Red Toyota Yaris

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A Toyota Yaris going through a downtown Vancouver intersection. Nothing much else to say. The red color popped out at me, you can see from the sky that it was kind of a gray, dismal, rainy winter day. Sam’s many awesome shots of cars (and bikes) on the streets of Toronoto may have been a bit of inspiration.

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  • oh i know that corner! even blurred. sorry i know i’m supposed to look at the car – but that’s a great corner and i love how you’ve captured it.

  • @michele Well, it was the intersection that attracted me in the first place :) The car just happened to make this photo. There’s something pretty cool about those new skinny blue and tan towers in that part of town. And, you’ve got the ocean right there with all of Grouse Mountain and the city on that side of the bay looking back at you. Pretty nice.

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