bike messenger pedals his bike through an intersection in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington

Bike Messenger in Belltown

Posted on | Shot on at 18:00:00

A much more dynamic, motion-filled image than this earlier post of another bike messenger somewhere else in Seattle.

I missed my post yesterday for reasons that I will twitter about as soon as I’m at liberty to say.

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  • Bonsoir,
    Well done instant shot..Bravo!

  • outstanding. i love it. he’s perfectly postioned in the frame. i love the tones and the motion.

  • Spectacular panning! Just the right amount of motion… looks like he has an up hill climb, a good workout for sure. Great image!

  • excellent panning.. you’ve caught this just in the nick of time.. :D nice cool tones as well, nice work.. :)

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