The Bridger Mountain Range looms over the Fort Ellis community at sunset in autumn.

Bridger Mountains and Bozeman

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The east side of the Bridger Mountain foothills and the small community of Fort Ellis on Bozeman’s east end. If you’ve ever driven I90 through Montana its just before the Bozeman Pass. Shot from some state land at sunset looking north.

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  • @John Maslowski thanks, i had trouble composing this one. i kept seeing things in the viewfinder that i wanted either in or out. like the big light-colored field to the left and the barn to the right. i think i got a pretty good zig-zag eye flow going on in the end though :)

  • Bonsoir,
    Nice shot..Beautiful colors..Bravo!

  • Bonsoir,
    Nice shot..Beautiful colors..Bravo!

  • Absolutely stunning landscape picture. Love the mountains and foreground tall grasses. Great layered tones. Excellent composition.

  • beautiful scenery you have there.. looks so serene & quiet.. it’s a nice place to relax & meditate.. :) nice shot! :)

  • as John says this is beautifully composed. i’m also impressed with all the color you’ve captured in the hills.

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